Vehicles on Display

Vehicles on Display

An exhibitor who is planning to include a vehicle on their stand must notify the Organisers their intentions no later than 28 days prior to commencement of the exhibition. Exhibitors will then be given a specific arrival and departure time to move the vehicle on and off the stand.

Motor vehicles on display at events, including electric and hybrid cars, must adhere to the guidelines below:

  • Get approval from both your event organiser and MCEC. To get approval, please email the Operations Manager
  • Vehicles cannot be started and run without prior permission from MCEC.
  • Flooring must be protected by drip trays under each vehicle.
  • Fuel must not be decanted, nor vehicles filled anywhere in MCEC or the loading docks.
  • Exhibitors must control ignition keys and not leave them in the vehicle.
  • Vehicles must have at least 1 x 2.3kg, A:B (E) dry powder extinguishers mounted in a prominent location as per Australian Standards.
  • All bump in/out must be discussed with the event organiser and approved by MCEC.
  • Fuel filter cap must be either sealed or secured to prevent easy removal by unauthorised persons.
  • Vehicles powered by flammable gas (LPG) may be displayed only if their systems are fitted in accordance with relevant Australian Standards for LPG gas fuel systems for vehicle engines.

The Organisers requires details of the delivery together with details of the dimensions and weight of the vehicle. Upon arrival a set of keys must be supplied to the Organisers Office for the duration of the event.

Log onto the portal, complete and submit the Vehicle Display Form.