All Exhibitors wanting to utilise appliances that require LPG gas cylinders are required to book these through the official plumber F Wood & Son.

Gas appliances will be assessed for approval with venue compliance and safety of patrons the prime concern. The Organiser and Venue (MCEC) reserves the right to accept or reject any application.


Regulations around the use of LPG cylinders within MCEC have recently been reviewed by Energy Safe Victoria. Please ensure you read the following information to ensure your appliances and usage are compliant:

  • LPG cylinders must not exceed 9kg in size.
  • Connection and disconnection is to be carried out by F Wood & Sons, the official Fine Food plumber.
  • Appliances designed for outdoor use are not permitted within the exhibition – this includes portable butane gas stoves.
  • All gas appliances are to be certified, in good condition and have the operating instructions fastened to the appliance, or a manual/procedure available. Appliances should never be modified. It is a breach of the Victorian Gas Safety regulations to connect an LPG cylinder to a gas appliance that has not been certified.
  • An appliance shall not be located within 1.5m of its cylinder. Cylinders need to be separated from ignition sources such as electrical equipment or other objects that may produce sparks, ignition or excessive heat.
  • At no time while an appliance and LPG cylinder are connected, is the appliance or cylinder be moved.
  • The back and sides of appliances need a minimum of 250mm clearance from any combustible materials. This includes stand build such as walling, signage, drapes etc.
  • A powder fire extinguisher ABE, distinguished by a white band around the top of the cylinder, is required in the booth, and staff trained in its use.
  • No section of the LPG system is to be accessible to event attendees.
  • LPG cylinders must be removed from the exhibition area each night and locked away securely by FWood & Sons.

Gas cylinders delivered onsite by other suppliers will be denied from the venue.

For more information please contact F Wood and Son or use the order form below.