Sampling Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Sampling Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverage

The MCEC has sole rights for the sale and distribution of any article of food or drink for consumption on-site.

Sampling food products by exhibitors is permitted providing exhibitors notify Diversified of their intent to sample food/alcohol and ensure they meet local and state government food safety and liquor licensing regulations.

Exhibitors who intend on sampling at the show must  complete the following

  • Login and complete the Sampling Food/Beverage Form no later than 2 months out from the event
  • Log onto Streatrader and complete a Certificate of Temporary Food Registration and lodge a Statement of Trade advising of their intent to run a temporary stall

Please Note:

  • Samples must be items which relate to the normal business operations of the exhibitor
  • Exhibitors who submit forms late risk not being able to sample their products
  • Extra cleaning charges incurred through spillage or the removal of food/wet waste will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor

Dairy and Meat producers
Dairy & Meat producers will need to register as a temporary food premises in their council area and lodge a Statement of Trade in order to be allowed to sample meat and dairy products on site. Their current registrations with Dairy Food Safety Victoria and PrimeSafe do not cover them for operation of a temporary stall only for their fixed premises.

Alcohol exhibitors
Alcohol exhibitors will also need to register their business and submit a Statement of Trade via Streatrader before coming on site, please see the Alcohol Sampling section of your Exhibitor online manual.

Coffee Sampling 
Exhibitors sampling full-sized cups of coffee will be charged an external supply fee per day by the MCEC. Exhibitors will be invoiced prior to the event.

This fee only applies to those whose core business is coffee. Any other exhibitors that would like to have full cups of coffee to supply to their visitors would need to pay the standard $360 per day external supply charge, or order barista cart services through the MCEC. This can be done through the Barista Cart Package Order Form on the website.

Please ensure to complete the Sampling Food & Beverage Form in the Exhibitor Online Manual so you can be invoiced accordingly.


Certificate of Temporary Food Registration
All exhibitors sampling food and drinks must have a temporary food registration within the State of Victoria. Registrations are valid across all Victorian municipalities. To obtain a Temporary Food Registration please do the following:
• Log onto Streatrader
• Register your food premises by clicking on “Apply for a new registration” and completing the form
• For interstate or international exhibitors, please register your business under the council where the event will take place, which is City of Melbourne.

Businesses that are already registered with a council in Victoria do not need to do this step.

Statement of Trade
Once you have lodged your registration, or for those exhibitors who already have a registration, you will need to lodge a Statement of Trade notifying your council that you will be operating a temporary premise. To do this please do the following:
• Log onto Streatrader
• Lodge a Statement of Trade by clicking on “Lodge a Notification” and completing the form

All Statement of Trade forms must be submitted no later than 5 days out from the show.

A fee is charged when an exhibitor obtains their Certificate of Temporary Food Registration. The fee charged is dependent upon the council where the food premise is located.

For more detailed information regarding these regulations, contact Streatrader via the website: 1300 085 767 or your Local Council if located in Victoria.

Food Health and Safety

Please refer to the OH&S Food Sampling Obligations Onsite page for information and guidelines regarding the set up and requirements for sampling food and beverages on your stand.

Class 2

Unpackaged potentially hazardous food is handled. Refers to raw foods cooked on site

Includes: All meats, Fish / shellfish, Diary – milk, Eggs, Rice / pasta, making sandwiches /salads, Fresh Juicing

Class 2 classification requires a certified Food Safety Supervisor onsite. More information on Food Safety Supervisors can be found here

Handwashing required:

A plumbed in hand wash unit and a plumbed in double bowl sink is required when preparing food from scratch  (chopping / cutting then cooking on site)

Class 3

Handling of unpackaged low risk foods to the public for immediate consumption

Includes: breads/ chocolates/ olives/ tomatoes/ cakes with no cream, hot filled items such as jams/ chutney, Fermented drinks, fresh juices, added unpasteurised ingredients, beer, wine and spirits, heating prepared food

(samples offered for no more than four hours, drinks must be chilled once opened)

Handwashing required:

Portable/temporary hand wash unit required on the stand. Can be a temporary set up of a 10 litre drinking water container with the tap on the end, plastic bucket, liquid soap and paper towel. Must use hot water.

A powered hand wash unit is required if heating cooked prepared products such as a premade casserole or heating cooked meats with a prepared sauce

Class 4

Handling of pre-packaged low risk foods to the public 

Includes: prepackaged items – Chocolate, breads, olives, cakes, slices, biscuits, whole or uncut fruit

Handwashing required: 

Alcohol based hand sanitizer must be available on your stand

For further information please visit food classifications or for more information on health and safety requirements please contact our Food Service Advisor, Mary Whelan on 0408 039 964.