Food & Beverage (Non alcoholic) Sampling

Food & Beverage (Non Alcoholic) Sampling

The ICC Sydney has the sole rights for the sale and distribution of any article of food or drink for consumption on-site however the ICC Sydney understands that sampling is a key part of the exhibition experience.

The sampling of externally supplied food or beverage is permitted at the venue providing exhibitors notify the organisers of their intent to sample and ensure that they meet all local and state government food safety regulations and prepare all the necessary forms.

Exhibitor Obligations

Exhibitors who intend on sampling at the show must complete the following

If you intend to sample alcohol on your stand, please note you will also be required to adhere to NSW liquor licensing regulations as well as food safety. Please ensure you read the Alcohol Sampling page and complete the additional necessary steps.

The City of Sydney has a handy Temporary Food Stall Checklist to ensure you are well prepared for the event.

Please Note:

  • The details you input into the Sampling – Food & Beverage form will also be used by the organisers to apply for a Food and Beverage Sampling permit from the Venue ICC Sydney on your behalf.
  • The contact details you input into this form may also be used to generate any invoices issued by the venue or other authorities in the event if you do need to pay a fine amount.

Please contact the Event Coordinator if you need any assistance with your login details

Sampling Sizes

Sample Size Portion Limits
Food 50gm or 'bite-size' pieces
Beverages (Non-Alcoholic)100ml or less

Please Note:

  • NOTE: Any exhibitors found sampling portions larger than the venue guidelines above may be charged a fee of $470 inc GST per day by the venue
  • All items being sampled must be directly related to the exhibitors core business
  • Exhibitors who submit forms late risk not being able to sample their products
  • Extra cleaning charges incurred through spillage or the removal of food/wet waste will be the responsibility of the exhibitor

Coffee Sampling

The ICC Sydney has the sole rights for the sale of coffee onsite however the sampling of coffee (as a non-alcoholic beverage) is permitted as long as the amount is of 100ml or less.

Exhibitors providing full-sized cups of coffee will be charged an external supply fee of $370 inc GST per day per machine by the venue.

Exhibitors whose business related to coffee will receive a discounted charge of $185 inc GST per machine per day by the venue.

Exhibitors will be invoiced prior to the event using the details you have provided to the Organiser.

Hand Washing & Set Up Requirements

The City of Sydney are enforcing stricter regulations and protocols for hand washing and sampling food onsite.

Please ensure you understand what type of hand washing facilities are required on your stand, and that you have the correct set up prior to the event. This will depend on the relative risk of the food used and method of preparation. Please ensure you have read through the information thoroughly and have completed your compulsory forms under Food Sampling.

Please refer to the onsite hand washing requirements page for specific stand set up requirements.

Health & Safety Food Sampling Obligations

City of Sydney – Inspection Fees 

Health officers may visit and carry out inspections of temporary food premises throughout the Show. If a City of Sydney Health Officer visits and inspects your stand at the show for food safety, the below fee is payable and an invoice will be issued to you on the spot. The fee will cover you for a 12 month period, even if you are inspected again at another event.

There are two fee categories for temporary food premises:

High-Risk Stand $224
Low-Risk Stand $163


Please ensure you have read through and understand Health & Safety Food Sampling Obligations Onsite and have completed all compulsory Food Sampling forms.

Cooking Food on Your Stand

For all exhibitors preparing food on their stand (such as cutting, chopping, mixing then cooking) must have the following:

  • A plumbed in double bowl sink with Cold & Hot water taps installed – Refer to the Plumbing page if you need assistance
  • A separate plumbed in hand wash unit – with an adequate supply of warm running water (approximately 40°C), liquid soap and disposable paper towels
  • Food Grade Bench Sanitiser
  • Hand Sanitiser for staff and the general public
  • Controlled temperatures – fridge or freezer – with documented daily temperatures taken and recorded.
  • Thermometer for testing temperature of cooked foods – and records documented

Food Safety Supervisor:

For high risk foods and cooking of raw foods, you will also need to nominate a ‘Food Safety Supervisor’. This person must have completed an approved training course in NSW with an Australian Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. This certificate must include competency codes SITXFSA101 – Use hygienic practices for food safety and SITXFSA201 – Participate in safe food handling practices. The nominated Food Safety Supervisor must be available and contactable during the show (although not necessarily on your stand) and their details should be provided in the Sampling – Food & Beverage Compulsory Form.

For further guidance and information

Please contact Mary Whelan, Food Services Advisor on 0408 039 964 or email: [email protected]