Alcohol Sampling

Alcohol Sampling

The ICC Sydney has the sole rights for the sale and distribution of any article of food or drink for consumption on-site however the ICC Sydney understands that sampling is a key part of the exhibition experience. The sampling of externally supplied alcoholic beverages is permitted at the venue providing exhibitors notify the organisers of their intent to sample. Exhibitors are not allowed to sell alcohol onsite. 

Exhibitors who intend on sampling alcohol at the show must complete the following:

  1. Login and complete the compulsory Sampling Alcohol Form no later than 6 weeks out from the event
  2. Complete a Temporary Food Permit via the City of Sydney

If exhibitors intend to serve Alcoholic Beverages with additional high risk ingredients such as dairy or fruit garnishes, they will need to also complete the additional steps outlined in the Food & Beverage (Non-Alcoholic) Sampling page in adherence to NSW food safety regulations.

Sample Sizes
Liquor or Spirits20ml or less
Wine, Beer or Cider50ml or less

Please Note:

  • Water must be available on your stand if you are sampling alcohol
  • All items being sampled must be directly related to the exhibitors core business
  • Sale of alcohol onsite is forbidden, however orders can be taken and fulfilled at a later date. Exhibitors are also allowed to display their product
  • Exhibitors who submit forms late risk not being able to sample their products
  • Extra cleaning charges incurred through spillage or the removal of food/wet waste will be the responsibility of the exhibitor
  • All exhibitors sampling alcohol will fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC Sydney (Venue) Liquor Licence, as such exhibitors are not required to source their own liquor license for this event. Exhibitors must follow any directions given to them by the ICC in relation to this area. Exhibitors will be contacted if there are any queries.
  • The details you input into the Sampling – Alcohol form will also be used by the organisers to apply for a Food and Beverage Sampling permit from the Venue ICC Sydney for Food on your behalf.
  • The venue will write to you separately to confirm receipt of your intention to sample with a signed copy of the permit form. They may also ask you for your TFP number. Should they have any concerns or questions with your sampling activities, they will contact you directly.
  • The contact details you input into this form may also be used to generate any invoices  issued by the venue or other authorities in the event if you do need to pay a fine amount.

Please contact the Event Coordinator if you have any further questions

RSA Competency Card Requirements

Anyone directly involved with the sale, service or supply of alcohol coming onsite must have a NSW RSA Competency Card (current within the last 5 years) or a Valid interstate RSA 

You will need to upload copies for all your staff in the Sampling – Alcohol Form above and bring a copy onsite with you to the show. Only accredited individuals can serve samples. If these persons are to leave the stand or go on any breaks, only those who hold a valid  RSA are able to serve in their place. If there are no other persons that hold this accreditation, alcohol service MUST cease until they return to the stand.

If you do not have either of these:

  • If you have completed a NSW RSA course (within the last 3 years) but did not obtain a physical competency card – you need to go to and request a digital version on the Service NSW Digital App.
  • If you do not have any staff with the appropriate qualifications, you can also hire venue staff by getting in touch with ICC Sydney Venue exhibitor services. Details listed on the Contacts Page.

Interstate Responsible Service of Alcohol registration now recognised in NSW

Valid Interstate residents who hold a current and valid Victorian, Northern Territory (NT) or Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification may be eligible to work temporarily in New South Wales (NSW).

This is as a result of recent changes made to the Mutual Recognition Act 1992 (Cwlth) that introduced new national licensing and registration agreements on 1 July 2021 – called the National Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) agreement.

If your business employs RSA workers, you will need to:

  • check they hold a valid and current interstate RSA certification
  • sight proof of identity and interstate principal residential address.

If an RSA employee moves their principal place of residence or work permanently to NSW from any other state or territory, they must follow the existing mutual recognition pathway, which includes completing the NSW RSA bridging course and applying for a NSW competency card available on the Liquor & Gaming NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol page.

This builds on the existing mutual recognition arrangements by removing regulatory burdens on individuals and businesses that operate across states. It also aims to maintain any existing protections – creating savings on application and registration fees, paperwork and time.

For more information about workers covered under AMR, visit making it easier for registered professionals to work interstate page.


All exhibitors will need to display an Under 18s not to be served or supplied alcohol sign on their stand. Any stands not displaying this sign will be in breach of the liquor licence, and will not be permitted to sample their product.

PLEASE NOTE: Liquor and Gaming NSW have newly designed signage that must be displayed as of the 21st January 2022. . The sign (Under Limited Licence Signage) can be downloaded and printed free of charge. Please ensure you have the correct print Specifications outlined on the Liquor and Gaming NSW webpage.

Incident Management

For all liquor related incidents (underage drinkers, visitors helping themselves to alcohol, aggressive behaviour, intoxication) please ensure all incidents are noted on the Incident Register located on your stand, and RSA Manager is contacted immediately.

Exhibitors must have an RSA Incident register on their stands which must be signed at the end of each day and provided to the ICC Sydney floor managers at the end of each show day.

All individual exhibitors are required to keep an incident register on their stand. You can purchase one for $20 each OR; keep one yourself with the same content as the official one. For more information refer to this page:

All incidents including refusal of service due to no acceptable ID are to be recorded in the Incident Register books.

For further guidance and information

Contact Liquor & Gaming NSW

T: 1300 024 720 | Monday to Friday | 9am – 4pm
E: [email protected]