Foreign Labour

It is important to make sure all foreign staff involved in the event have relevant visas and insurance covering them for their time in Australia. All construction, materials and safe work practices must comply with the relevant Australian Standards. All foreign labour must also have an understanding of these practices/standards. Any non-Australian staff (including account managers, contractors and stand builders) involved in the construction of stands should have a worker’s compensation insurance policy that meets the statutory requirements of the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013.

Please note that insurance taken outside of Australia may not be valid within Australia. It is the responsibility of the stand builder to ensure that all insurances meet with Australian standards. If insurance can’t be provided or does not meet Australian standards, the stand builder and their staff will not be permitted access to the site.

It is a requirement that there is at least one English speaking member of the team on site at all times during the move in and move out of the stand.