Health & Safety Food Sampling Obligations Onsite

Health & Safety Food Sampling Obligations Onsite

Whilst cooking on site all exhibitors must follow the guidelines stipulated below:

  • All exhibitors and workers must comply with Work Health and Safety legislation and follow safe work practices to ensure the health and safety of all persons
  • The operator is to be present at all times during cooking. Cooking equipment is not to be left unattended when in use
  • A powder fire extinguisher ABE type rated 3A-40B minimum 2.5kg, distinguished by a white band around the top of the cylinder and fire blanket, 1.8m x 1.8m must be located at the booth with staff trained in its use. All equipment must be tested and tagged as per AS/NZS 3760 and maintained in good working order.
  • Any naked flame or hot surface must be positioned so that it cannot be knocked over or come into contact with any person or flammable item
  • Signage is to be displayed adjacent to cooking surfaces when in use to notify public of hazards (e.g hot surface)
  • Food preparation tools such as knives, scissors etc. to be kept out of reach of public
  • Equipment to have safety mechanisms in place as appropriate (such as safety switches)
  • Cooking equipment to be maintained in good working order and to be tagged and tested
  • Cooking must take place in a well-ventilated area. If cooking is likely to create large volumes of smoke, further information is to be supplied
  • Spills must be cleaned up immediately. Non slip flooring to be used in cooking areas
  • Sufficient and appropriate waste bins must be provided and emptied regularly
  • All food safety standards must be adhered to at all times including hygiene and sanitation
  • No fats or oils to be poured into the venue’s drainage system. Fats and oils to be disposed of in oil bins located in wash areas
  • All council permits are the responsibility of the exhibitor
  • Equipment must be emptied of fuels and liquids before being moved around the site. It is the responsibility of the stall holder to arrange the removal of used cooking fuels
  • Details of the ingredients in food and beverage products are to be available including the presence of any allergens

Covid-19 - Safe Food Handling

In light of the pandemic and the increased health and safety risks of Covid-19, Additional requirements will be required on your stand.

For all exhibitors who will be sampling prepared food on their stand, it is now mandatory to have:

  •  Food Grade Bench Sanitizer
  • Separate Hand Sanitizer on the stand for staff and the general public

Exhibitors must have adequate protocols and processes in place to show that they are protecting the food from potential contamination; this includes: 

  • Installing a sneeze guard or using food covers
  • Unpackaged food must be handed out in a manner that avoids direct handling by the public.
    • Designate a staff member to hand out samples directly (tongs, gloves, etc) to the consumer. Do not leave out on the bench free to take.
    • Condiments should be contained in squeeze dispensers or individual packs and must be handed out to the general public
    • Cups and utensils must be disposable /single use.

For further Guidance and Information

Please contact Mary Whelan, Food Services Advisor on 0408 039 964 or email: